Honeybees as a symbol of alternative family structures


Doorknobs to the Salt Lake Temple, with beehives.

Bees are an amazing queer symbol because they are gender non-conforming (as social insects, they have three gender roles), they promote alternative bonding structures (within a hive, the workers are celibate and and the queen is polygamous), and they are matriarchal (as the queen bee is at the head of everything). They definitely don’t do “one male, one female” anything! Plus, they produce honey, which shows that being part of a queer community leads to the sweetness of joy if we all work together!

One thought on “Honeybees as a symbol of alternative family structures

  1. But, like, I thought nature showed us that males are the head and, like, we all must be straight. *end sarcasm*
    Ahem. It’s amazing what one buzzing yellow creature can suggest. Creation is wondrous. Thanks for your thoughts!


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